Nike Air Jordan XI Retro & Air Jordan I Retro High OG – “Carmine”


As the year of the 6’s continues, celebrating the 23rd anniversary of both Micheal Jordan’s sixth signature model and his first championship. Jordan brand bring back the much anticipated “Carmine” colourway with the iconic Jordan 6.

These Jordan 6’s were never released as a retro on it’s own. It was paired up with the Jordan 17 as part of the “Countdown” pack from 2010. This time, you won’t have to cop two pairs or pack in order to cop the Carmine 6’s. But it doesn’t stop there…Jordan brand also bring us the “Carmine” colourway for the first time to the Jordan 1 Silhouette. Continue reading “Nike Air Jordan XI Retro & Air Jordan I Retro High OG – “Carmine””


ACRONYM Spring/Summer 2014 Collection – Video

Acronym are a German based technical outwear brand founded and modelled by Errolson Hugh. Initially founded by Michaela Sachenbacher & Errolson Hugh as an independent design agency with a focus of uniting style and technology in apparel and continue to amaze us with their inventions till this day.

Known for their techinical and functionality details on their garments. Acronym last amazed us with their SS13 collection video and with their huge attention to detail, making it ideal for the man always on the move.

Acronym have a unique and modern day feel which is a result of their choice using waterproof and windproof fabrics such as Gor-tex, Schoeller and amphibious cotton. Their sharp and often minimalist appearance means that their jackets can be used in a both formal and social settings.

One thing that makes Acronym and designer Errolson Hugh really stand out is their innovative approach to function of their garments. Most technical outerwear seem to only cover the basics and often are only concerned with protection from the elements making garments waterproof windproof breathable insulated etc.

Weather in the UK is so unpredictable and we’ve all been in that situation where we think “better bring my jacket, you never know” only to be stuck with your jacket wrapped across your soon to be sweaty arm whilst holding your bottled mountain water and balancing a Cornetto!

Well team Acronym thought of that and introduced a ridiculously simple idea of integrating a jacket sling into their outer. The buck don’t stop there, they also created a new style of jacket pocket called the GravityPocket, a pocket within the sleeves where a slight “THRUST” of your arm allows the contents in this pocket to be placed in your hands (we don’t recommend using this pocket whilst out raving!). Accessories such as their 3rd-arm line of bags and straps will have you speechless as to its ability to morph and adapt to the users needs (with further add ons) and its compatibility with some of the outer pieces. Their SOUND FORCELOCK a Magnetic collar for headphones still blows me away! Paying attention to detail like that, is just what we style heads love!
Its no wonder that Carlo Rivetti of Stone Island took on Errolson Hugh to design the Stone Island Shadow Project line of clothing.
With such an innovative and functional approach to technical apparel we believe that Acronym will be a solid brand and still be with us in years to come.

This video of their new SS14 collection, continues to show off their crazy futuristic and creative concept It also continues in their tradition that is now being noticed not only with their core followers, but with style enthusiast everywhere including GUCCI (tssk tssk).

Collection is now available from the official ACRONYM online store.