Adidas Originals Hamburg (City Series)


Retro trainers are more than just trainers from back in the day. Retro trainers are classics. Retro trainers are a part of history. Retro trainers are part of conversations between friends whether is over a meal or a drink.

It seems like Adidas too are bringing back an old retro classic. Originally released in 1982 as part of the ‘City Series’, the Adidas Originals Hamburg comes back after years away from the scene.

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2014 sees the return of the Adidas Stan Smith trainer For those that don’t know Stan Smith is a former US Open and Wimbledon tennis champion. His career spanned more than a decade and he dominated the courts during the seventies. His choice of athletic shoe was the first all leather tennis trainer made by Adidas. This trainer was simple in design a basic white all leather upper with 3 rows of perforated lines a new take on the brands signature logo. At the time the shoe marked the achievements of Robert Haillet a former French Tennis star. The shoe was dubbed the Adidas Haillet, but soon after he retired from the world of professional tennis Adidas needed a new superstar to endorse the tennis shoe.

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