Saucony Originals Legend Series ‘Cavity Pack’

CavityPack OTF
Cavity Pack

There’s lots of us out there that have a sweet tooth, and we all hate going to dentist. This summer Saucony have a sweet tooth of a different kind. Saucony Originals are releasing what they call the Cavity Pack, which includes the Shadow Original Black Razz in all its smooth rapberry suede and licorice leather glory which can be seen below. According to Saucony you will be “…..sneaking seconds ’til your head hurts” (and i’m not talking about resellers getting more than 1!!) or till you get tooth ache at least. no pun intended.

CavityPack1 BlackRazz
Cavity Pack, Shadow Original Black Razz

The second half of this tooth decaying Cavity Pack is the squeaky clean and fresh Shadow 5000 Minty Fresh. You will never have issues with flossing your sneaks ever again (not to be taken literally).

CavityPack2 MintyFresh
Cavity Pack, Shadow 5000 Minty Fresh

What ever your situation, whether you have a major sweet tooth or you have OCD over keeping your teeth minty clean, this summer there is a sneaker for you.

Both of these will be available via from Tuesday 15 July 2014. The Shadow Original Black Razz is priced at $65.00 and the Shadow 5000 Minty Fresh will retail at $80.00.

Here in the UK End Clothing have confirmed that they will be stocking the Shadow 5000 Minty Fresh but no confirmed release date as yet. They will not be stocking the Shadow Original Black Jazz. Stay tuned for more info, you will know as soon as we find out.

Pics via Saucony



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