Nike Air Max 1 – “Air Max Day”

nike air max 1 3 26 1987 Nike Air Max 1 3/26

27 years ago. The date, 26 March 1987. The day a revolution began. This was in the form of a window to the sole, the invisible finally became visible and Nike Air cushioning changed the way in which Nike designed running sneakers. In the years following the release of the Air Max 1 all those years ago a legend has just gotten bigger and we can celebrate the day an experiment turned into an iconic trainer for Nike. To start the celebration we will see the release of a limited edition Air Max 1.

nike air max day 1 Nike Celebrates Air Max Day

Even though we have become accustomed to seeing Nike and ‘Air’ being used together, it wasn’t until 26 March 1987 where the great journey of the ‘Air Max’ started. The Air Max story can be taken back 10 years earlier when Frank Rudy, an aerospace engineer visited Nike World Headquarters and gave Phil Knight a pair of running shoes which was fitted with a prototype air-sole unit. As with many things it was trial and error and the concept was used in the Air Tailwind in 1978 moving the running industry leaps and bounds. It wasn’t until nearly a decade later when the legendary Nike footwear designer Tinker Hatfield had a vision.

nike air max day 3 Nike Celebrates Air Max Day

If we actually cut away some of the midsole and expose the airbag so you could see it, then people will understand it.” – Tinker Hatfield

Hatfield along with the designer at the time  Mark Parker (who is now President and CEO) took the necessary steps to turn a vision into reality. Going down the usual route of creating prototypes, turning them into samples and then finally the Air Max 1 was created. Since the inception of the Air Max 1, it has been recreated and renewed annually creating an family of Air Max. These included the Air Max Light, Air Max BW, Air Max 90, Air Max 93, Air Max 95, Air Max 97, Air Max 360 and most recently, the Air Max Lunar90. The Air Max, coming close to nearly 30 years has held its place as a champion in innovation and expression of style.

nike air max day 6 Nike Celebrates Air Max Day

So as you can see the on the picture above the shoe itself comes with a volt colour to the sole. Personally I am not too sure on this colour to the sole but time will tell how popular this will be. We also see that Nike has put 3.26 on the tongue which represents the date the shoe was originally released. The 2014 shoe will also be released on the same day (March 26). The Air Max 1 “Air Max Day” shows off the original colourway of white and red upper. We see three different colours on the outer sole which consist of red volt and black.

nike air max day 8 Nike Celebrates Air Max Day

The Nike Air Max 1 “Air Max Day” will be available on 26 March 2014 from Nike and the stockists listed below.

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Pics from SneakerNews & Nike


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