Nike SB x Air Jordan 1


The Air Jordan 1 gained a rebellious image from the time Michael Jordan was fined by the NBA after he wore the black and red editions during the 1986 playoffs against the Boston Celtics. He was fined $5,000 each time he wore the AJ1. Nike used this to their advantage and promoted the shoes hinting that it gave an unfair competitive advantage, and whoever wore them would be considered to have an edginess about them relating to outlaw activities.


From that moment no one would have guessed that a shoe that was made for use on the basketball court would also find fame in the skating world. As many things that find fame in the most unlikely places, this was just the case for the Air Jordan 1. The AJ1 offered support on the ankles with the Nike Air Cushioning on the shoe. As skating can wear shoes out the premium leather on the AJ1 was a lot more durable and the shoe soon became a skater’s fav. The AJ1 took its place in skating history when skater Lance Mountain was seen in 1987 wearing two different colours of the shoe at the same time. Yes even in the 80’s they did that.

air jordan 1 nike sb 02 Nike SB x Air Jordan 1

So now here we are in 2014 waiting in anticipation of the Nike SB x Jordan. This latest shoe is the first of three Nike SB x Jordan shoes that we will be seeing, and no, not all on the same day. I don’t think my wallet could handle the trauma of three purchases in a single day. As well as being the first of three to be released this is also the first of two collaborations. This shoe shows off the talents of multimedia artist Craig Stecyk. Inspired his 1989 visual, Northwest Passage, which was installed at Los Angeles’ Meyers/Bloom Gallery and filled with spray painted bronze cast objects, Stecyk presents this silhouette in green-and-black. The heel shows off “AJ ONE SB.” in tonal lettering which mirrors a piece designed by Stecyk in 1982, and this mirrored on the Nike SB x AJ1 insole.

nike sb x air jordan 1 by craig stecyk officially unveiled 03 Nike SB x Air Jordan 1   Officially Unveiled

The Nike SB x Air Jordan I by Craig Stecyk will be available from select SB and Jordon retailers on 15 March 2014. These will be available from stores such as:


Slam City Skates



Fifty Fifty


By Mr.D

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