Nike Air Huarache – Spring 2014


Well if i may start by quoting Tom Cruise from A Few good Men “…..and the hits just keep on coming”. I believe this fits in really well with what i am about to bring to your attention. Its the latest of many new 2014 Nike Air Huaraches that we will be seeing over the course of this year. As some of you may know the Nike Air Huarache, since its long awaited original colour way release back in the first quarter of 2013, has been creating quite a stir in the sneaker world since then.


Today I am able to tell you about the latest offering that will be hitting the shelves or websites, depending how you prefer to purchase your sneakers. From numerous pictures we have seen floating around the on the internet, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other social networking sites, we have some idea of what to be expecting. So far we know that End Clothing will be taking pre-orders of the new Air Huarache.

1795599_615089925211068_286346405_n_resultWe will be introduced to not only one pair but three new pairs, and they appear to have had a make over, or gone back to their roots depending on how you look at it. The latest offering comes in Grey/Orange , Black /Atomic Mango and Tonal Blue. Just like the first releases from back in the day we are reintroduced to the two toned back strap. One noticeable change to the new Air Huaraches appears to be the toe box. I can only describe this as a softer mesh than what we are used to compared to the current batch of Huaraches. These have been priced at £79.00. So if you want to increase your NIke Air Huarache Collection and add to an every increasing lineup get yourself online to End Clothing and pre-order yours from 1st March 2014 00:01 GMT.

By Mr.D


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