Adidas Originals Hamburg (City Series)


Retro trainers are more than just trainers from back in the day. Retro trainers are classics. Retro trainers are a part of history. Retro trainers are part of conversations between friends whether is over a meal or a drink.

It seems like Adidas too are bringing back an old retro classic. Originally released in 1982 as part of the ‘City Series’, the Adidas Originals Hamburg comes back after years away from the scene.


This was a trainer that was made famous by the football casuals throughout Europe in the early 80s. For those of you not old enough to know what football casuals is, I suggest you do your own research, this is of course a sneaker blog and not a football history lesson.


When first released these sneaks were not only trendy they were fit for purpose. The hard wearing sole unit was durable; this was a sneaker that struck a balance between being a runner and a dress shoe.


While retaining the gum rubber sole Adidas have also kept the classic T-toe design, which is noticeable on some other Adidas models. The release of the Adidas Originals Hamburg sees it come in two colourways, the ‘Tribe Yellow/Bluebird’ and the ‘New Navy/White/Metallic Gold’.


The Adidas Originals Hamburg will be available from Saturday 1st March from all good stockists including Size? also available now for pre order from Wellgosh and End Clothing.

By Mr.D

Pic via

Size?  Wikipedia  80scasualblog


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