2014 sees the return of the Adidas Stan Smith trainer For those that don’t know Stan Smith is a former US Open and Wimbledon tennis champion. His career spanned more than a decade and he dominated the courts during the seventies. His choice of athletic shoe was the first all leather tennis trainer made by Adidas. This trainer was simple in design a basic white all leather upper with 3 rows of perforated lines a new take on the brands signature logo. At the time the shoe marked the achievements of Robert Haillet a former French Tennis star. The shoe was dubbed the Adidas Haillet, but soon after he retired from the world of professional tennis Adidas needed a new superstar to endorse the tennis shoe.


From 1973 to 1978 Mr Smith signed a deal with Adidas to endorse the shoe which now featured his portrait on the tongue beneath the words Haillet.  After a few versions were made , it was only until 1978 that the Adidas Haillet was officially re branded to became the Stan Smith .


This iconic shoe had a number of various releases and variations during its four decades in existence.. Adidas originals  have also released a collection of Stan Smith apparel to coincide with the re issue of the trainer . The limited edition Adidas Stan Smiths are available on Wednesday 15th January in three colourways at stores such as SIZE?,WELLGOSH, NATTERJACKS and END CLOTHING roughly priced at £67.

On a side note this release is rumored to be the first of two the second is to drop around June/July 2014. Follow us on the usual social networks for more info.

by Chegz



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